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Call for Papers

The International conference on, “Digital Technology Vision 2030: Transforming Healthcare, Education and Industry” takes pleasure in inviting you to submit review and research findings of original scientific work for presentation and publication in the following tracks;

Track 1: Big Data Analytics and AI across Sectors

  • Role of AI and Machine Learning in Basic Sciences
  • Emerging Trends in Logistics and Supply Chain Digitization
  • Data Analytics for Finance, Marketing Transformation
  • Digital Twins and Industry 4.0 Integration
  • Data-Driven Prognosis and IoT Applications
  • Advancements in Information Technology and Communication Systems
  • Advanced Image Processing and Computer Vision
  • Smart Cities and Sustainable Technologies

Track 2: Innovations in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Healthcare Analytics and Data-driven Insights
  • AI and Deep Learning in Healthcare
  • Telehealth and Telemedicine Advances
  • Medical Robotics and AI-Assisted Surgery
  • Hospital Management and Efficiency
  • Machine Learning in Clinical Decision Support Systems
  • Emerging Trends in Clinical Trials
  • Public Health Management in the Digital Era

Track 3: Smart Agriculture, Manufacturing and Industry 5.0

  • Industrial Robotics, Human-Machine Interaction and Automation in Industry 5.0
  • IoT Applications in Smart Agriculture and Manufacturing
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making in Industry
  • AI and ML in Agriculture 4.0 and Beyond
  • Supply Chain Management in the Digital Age
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Precision Farming
  • Advanced GIS, GPS, and Drone Applications
  • Next-Generation Technologies in Agriculture

Track 4: Digital Transformation in Textiles and Wearables

  • AI-Enabled Textile Automation
  • Wearable Smart Textiles and Fashion Technology
  • Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) in Textiles
  • Sustainable Textile Innovations
  • Wireless Sensor Networks for Textile Monitoring
  • Generative AI for Textile Design
  • Nanotechnology in Textile Production
  • Eco-Friendly Textile Processing

Track 5: Future-Proofing Industry with Digital Technologies

  • Cybersecurity Strategies for Industry 4.0 and 5.0
  • Use of Simulation in Industrial Processes
  • Supply Chain Optimization through IoT
  • Personalized Education and Adaptive Learning
  • Secure Blockchain Networks for Industry and Cryptocurrency
  • Use of ICT in Teaching-Learning Processes
  • Green technologies in the field of Energy and Transportation
  • Wireless Sensor Networks and IoT Connectivity

These topics are not exhaustive, submissions are welcome on the topics relevant to the conference theme…

Who can Participate?

Professionals from Medical, Engineering, Pharma, Healthcare, Agriculture sectors along with research scholars from various disciplines like:

  • IT / Computer Industry
  • Pharma Industry
  • Academics from Pharmacy / Engineering / Healthcare / Agriculture
  • Scientist / Research Scholar
  • Engineering, Management and Healthcare Fraternity
  • IT and Information Service Providers

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